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🤓 Employer Brand Junior

3 000 - 5 000 PLN netto

🌍 11Sigma | Grunwaldzka, Gdańsk


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Join the 11Sigma’s Core Team, and become part of a diverse, worldwide team of people connected by a shared goal: to achieve their full potential.

As a business, we help fast-growing tech companies develop game-changing products by building and supporting remote teams, globally. We achieve this by so-called Team Immersion where our engineers become an inherent part of our partner’s teams while keeping all added values of being part of 11Sigma.

We are a remote-first startup driven by the vision of a world of fair opportunities and the freedom of choice enabled by remote work. A world where all talent can find their purpose. We think that remote work is a lifestyle, it’s in the culture, values, and mindset.

11Sigma is about exploring. Both literal, as in a journey, as well as an openness, growth mindset, and curiosity of life and at work.

At 11Sigma, we believe that being unique and different is what makes everyone exceptional. We are problem-solvers, travelers, digital nomads, caring parents, creators. To us, life is an adventure. We are hungry to learn new things, innovate, develop our potential, and find out what fulfillment means to us. Each one of us.

If you feel inspired to join our empowering community, apply, we might be looking exactly for you!

Job Description:

Our promise to employees is that we deliver the best employee experience in the world and provide a great self-development environment. All we really want is that everyone who belongs to 11Sigma has the right tools and support to fully develop their potential.

This job is a mix of Employer Branding, Employee Experience, and HR with one simple goal: to provide the highest possible value for our employees. For 100% remote companies, like ours, a sense of belonging is one of the biggest challenges to solve. And that’s one of the things you will help us with.

An ideal candidate is a creative person with an outgoing attitude, someone that can feel great working with other people, make connections easily, animate and energize others. We are looking for someone with lots of ideas and positivity. Someone who can, for example, pick up an idea to organize an online gaming night, take the lead on it and deliver from a concept to execution (yes, playing games will be part of the job if such is the event :)).

At 11Sigma we want employees to achieve their full potential through growth opportunities and build an exciting community of talented people where people can thrive creatively. You will be at the heart of making it happen.

Duties and responsibilities:

Hey there - a quick break from reading! You are about to see the list of duties. I just wanted to let you know that you should not worry if it feels “too much”. You’ll get support from the team and you will be able to choose your specialization with time. 

Besides Employer Branding, you may need to help us with some HR processes like interviewing and recruiting, occasionally. While this is not the main part of the job, it will help you understand people you will be building an employer brand for.

Check out our LinkedIn page to see some of the things we do, and the content we create.

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