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🤓 People Operations Internship

3 000 - 3 000 PLN brutto

🌍 11Sigma | Grunwaldzka, Gdańsk


#hr, #candidateexperience, #employeebrand

Hi! My name is Chris, I’m the CEO of 11Sigma, and I’d like to invite you to join our team.

We started 11Sigma in 2018 with a vision of a world of opportunities and the freedom enabled by remote work.

We believe that remote work is a lifestyle, it’s about the culture, values, and mindset, not a “corporate benefit” or a “post-COVID reality”.

Our three values: explore, be free, and contribute, define who we are, and what we do.

Our dream is to build a company open to everyone, which supports you in experiencing an exciting, fulfilling life.

11Sigma is about exploring. Both literal, as in a journey, as well as open-mindedness, self-growth, and curiosity of life and at work.

We are software engineers, travelers, digital nomads, caring parents, adventurers. We are internally motivated problem solvers and contributors.

To us, life is an adventure, and the world is incredibly interesting. We are hungry to learn new things and explore our potential.

To find exciting work and open amazing opportunities we partner with tech startups that build incredible products and provide a healthy work-life balance. 

If the above resonates with you, please read on.

About 11Sigma

Our mission at 11Sigma is to build a community of exceptional software engineers and a network of partner tech startups that build game-changing products & services.

We help early-stage, high-potential companies grow by providing motivated teams of talented individuals. The ideal for us is that our partners become “the next Netflix/Spotify/AirBnB”.

Our promise to our engineers is that we deliver the best employee experience and provide a great self-development environment. All we really want is that everyone who belongs to 11Sigma has all the right tools and support to 10x their potential.

Internship Description

You will help our founding team build and execute a world-class employee experience, hiring, and vetting processes. You will work together with our CEO and CTO on things that are core to the 11Sigma business.

We are looking for someone who wants to have an impact on a company; a creative and open-minded self-starter, who can take the lead on solving problems and own them.

Because we are a small team, you will have an opportunity to play an important role in developing it and to contribute to what 11Sigma envisions to become.

We are looking for someone who believes in what we’re doing and is willing to become an important part of our team. We’re hoping to find someone who will later become a full-time 11Sigma team member.

We want you to help us with various People Operations (known in other places as HR). For example, your first task might be to help the CEO optimize hiring processes, and perform candidate screening. You might be asked to help find the best candidate sources, craft and post job offers (like this one), analyze and report which job board performs best. Next, you might need to switch focus and help prepare a company onsite event (retreat): find a unique accommodation, book rooms, coordinate schedules, find attractions, etc. It might be an ideal job for someone who likes to wear many hats.

How this internship can help you

Tasks, duties, and responsibilities

We know the below list is long and might seem crazy/scary ;). You are right if you think “it’s work for more than one person”. Currently, our founding team performs all those tasks (among others) so we know how much work it requires :) 

Don’t worry, though. Our founders will be sharing some of the responsibilities with you and will support you to get up to speed with those tasks. 

We treat those areas more like things to explore. It’s definitely not a strict list of things you will need to do daily, but something to give you an idea of the direction.

We understand that with time you will likely want to specialize in a specific area. In the future, we are planning to hire more people to take care of those tasks and specialize.

Employee Brand

Employee Marketing

Employee Experience / Growth

Hiring & Operations

Who we’re looking for


We are looking for someone with the following traits:

Experience / Knowledge / Skills


Nice to have

Quick facts

Salary, perks

Once you graduate from the internship you will get extra perks:

More about perks on our website.