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🤓 Senior Finance Specialist with English

8 000 - 10 000 PLN brutto

🌍 Axxiome Health Polska | Powstańców Śląskich 7a, Wrocław


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What do we do at work as Finance Specialists?

Our main tasks are accounting and reporting. We usually start the month with posting incoming invoices and bank statements in SAP. Invoices begin their journey at the office secretariat, where they’re assigned the appropriate workflow, and finally they reach us. After proper posting of invoices, we have to pay them working in close cooperation with the manager who accepts the outflow of money from the account.
In the second part of the month, we begin to deal with closing. This is the “busier” part of the month. You should be very focused and pay attention to details, but don't worry, we have a great team that will always help you! We start to book, for example, salaries or provisions in the general ledger and create tax reports, profit and loss statement or the company's balance sheet and cash flow. We share some of these responsibilities with accountants from outside our company - but if you are willing to take over some additional responsibilities, let us know - we'll be happy to talk about it and adapt!
Why it's worth to join us?

1. The offer is addressed to people with experience in Polish accounting, payroll and taxes who would like to have greater independence of action!
2. Currently, we have about 80 employees, thanks to which there is a chance to get to know each person.
3. We are just re-creating our Finance team, setting up a plan and strategy with our German partner - ConVista. This is a great time to join in and use what you've learned before.
4. Due to the development, we implement modern IT solutions (S4HANA Cloud), which is an opportunity to participate in such an undertaking and gain experience in operating and implementing a modern SAP system!
5. We are very committed to creating a unique culture based on international cooperation, respect and commitment. Therefore, in addition to working with Excel, we put emphasis on relationships with people!
6. We are looking for an independent, committed person to put his ideas into practice and thus raise the quality level of our financial processes.
What will your daily duties be?


Then you’re more than welcome to take part in this recruitment process!
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