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🤓 Recruitment & People Specialist

7 000 - 9 500 PLN brutto

🌍 Bejamas | Business Link Green2Day, Wrocław


#remote, #recruitment, #IT

When entering and scrolling through any website, as users, we tend to appreciate what we see and feel seemingly, rather than what’s on the backend and how it works. Behind the scenes of every website and project we’ve been working on so far, there is one essential element we recognize the most - our team. We can confirm that not without reason, the best party happens backstage.

Besides flooding the world with Jamstack, we want to focus on team growth and development to deliver our clients and our folks the best experience. In the last quarter we’ve implemented a dev team structure, called tribes and right now we’re focused on scale it up.

With your recruitment verve 💪 and people experience, you can have a tremendous impact on how our team will look and cooperate in the future.

🤔 What will you be doing?

Short term:

  1. Leading and holding all recruitment activities in Bejamas, among others:

2. Taking part in the creation and implementation of employer branding strategy as well as HR marketing:

Long term:

  1. Acting as a HR Partner for one of our tribes:

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