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🤓 Recruitment Specilaist

5 000 - 9 000 PLN brutto

🌍 edrone | Lekarska 1, Kraków


#ecommerce, #people, #recruitment

How do we value candidates?
Should you rather value skills or attitudes in the first place?
We believe that the right attitudes come first.
For an individual performance skills highly matter.
For the team performance, it matters how you contribute to the team.

about us:
edrone is an AI-fueled SaaS platform, providing Customer Experience solutions for eCommerce. It is used by hundreds of SMEs online retailers in CEE, Southern EU, and LatAm. edrone won multiple awards including Computer World’s "Best in Cloud" in 2017 and 2018. TECH5 by TNW, 2nd place in commerce software worldwide competition 2022 by G2.

We're a hard-working, fast-learning, get-things-done type of team. We know how much grit it takes to share radical feedback and skip politics. Ownership is our paramount cultural value. We're looking for people that share similar attitudes.

Summary & Overview
We manage through culture and context but not over control. This is why the HR team works closely and reports to the Culture manager. You’ll be helping us to find people who value a similar approach. You’ll be working directly with hiring managers - both, C-level board members and team leaders.

We’re a VC-backed company which results in heavy hiring that starts every several months and the headcount may double or triple over a year. This is challenging as we aim to implement feedback-driven culture based on ownership, grit, and curiosity. In exchange, this job while challenging will give you an extremely fast-paced opportunity for self-development.

You’ll help our hiring managers to make the right decision. You’ll participate in culture and feedback workshops as well as 360 events across teams or company-wide. 

You’ll help implement the Talent Pool policy and diversity. You’ll help managers implement performance assessments, culture themes, and expected traits to excellence teams' collaboration.

You’ll achieve all of these thanks to your collaborative propensity, empathy, and energy. We’re excited about you.

The most frequent of your daily basis activities:

Skills and requirements:

Skills and interests - nice to have:

Working conditions:

How to prepare for the recruitment process:

How we work: