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🤓 Tech Recruiter

8 000 - 10 000 PLN brutto

🌍 Egnyte Poland | Baraniaka 6, Poznań


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Hi there! Ever wondered what it’s like to join a team that works on really ambitious recruitment projects and has a lot of fun in the process? Now it’s your chance to do so, as we’re looking for a Technical Recruiter to join Egnyte. 

Who’s we? It’s Anita, Asia, Monika and Ania. Together, we’re a part of Egnyte’s International Talent team, taking care of different recruitment-related topics. Read on to find out more about our team and this job opening.  

How do we work at Egnyte’s Talent Team?

Let’s give you a glimpse of things that really matter to us at the Talent team:

What will you do here?  

About you:

What we can offer you:

Recruitment process:

1. A short interview with the Team Leader.
2. Meeting with the team.
3. A meeting with the head of the global Talent Acquisition team.