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🌍 EonD | Aleja Jana Chrystiana Szucha, Warszawa


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Welcome to the EonD world! 

We are the first talent on-demand network in Central & Eastern Europe. We work for top global strategy and consulting companies across the Middle East and Europe helping them to deliver only the absolute best value for their clients. We do it providing only the top talent in the world as there are no shortcuts in reaching perfection!

We believe that people come first, yet we also understand that technology is critical to empower them and push boundaries of operational excellence to new heights. As such, we not only tap into the most innovative research methods and platforms but also develop our own proprietary technology.

If you subscribe to our ideology, enjoy recruitment and want to be a part of something special, come join us! 


About the role

We are looking for an ambitious and energetic Recruiter that will join our dynamically growing team and help us with candidates sourcing. The daily job will primarily revolve around searching and reaching out to the best experts and freelance consultants across the world. Other responsibilities will also include candidates Interviews and assisting them during the hiring process. Liaising with our clients will also be an integral part of your job.

Our offer will be tailored to your profile as we don’t want to classify you by any measure. At EonD your personality, mindset, talent, and competencies are much more important than the CV. Also, our culture is built around interdisciplinary development projects opening doors to often unexpected and exhilarating personal growth opportunities.

What is ahead of you? 

If it feels like the things you would like to do, this is the perfect match!  



Sounds interesting? Go ahead and apply!