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🤓 Executive Assistant

Undisclosed salary

🌍 Estimote, Inc. | ul. Krakusa 11, Kraków


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We're the Estimote team, and we're building an Operating System for the physical world. This ambitious mission is something that's never been done before and requires a full-stack approach, combining all of our in-house competences and expertise. 

Smooth company operations require attracting top talent, sourcing the best components, and delivering delightful customer experiences. We operate under the ever-changing world of rapid innovation cycles.

To make that happen, we need an executive assistant who can bring order to chaos. Someone who can control the growth of entropy and put it to good use by funneling it into a structured, efficient process.

As an executive assistant, you'll help company executives to make decisions quickly and successfully. You'll help them get the information they need, prioritize tasks, and give feedback.
With your help, we can make the impossible possible!

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