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🤓 IT Talent Acquisition Specialist

7 100 - 14 200 PLN brutto

🌍 MAZAJ | Chorzowska 150, V piętro, Katowice


#remote, #itrecruitment, #ittalentacquisition

Desired skills:

Preffered skills:


About us:

We measure what is usually not measurable.
By joining MAZAJ, you will measure what is usually not measurable or difficult to verify. Using Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Machine Learning achievements, we can collect, monitor, forecast, and visualize data, which is the starting point for analyzing and making decisions about change.

We like to think in a different way – Soft Systems Thinking.
Being at MAZAJ, you will get to know and use Soft Systems Methodology to improve complex business processes. It shifts our mindsets away from a linear to a circular approach and helps us see the big picture of the client's business. By understanding how things are interconnected, we can work out solutions that bring change successfully.

Being genuine.
We respect your individualism because we value being genuine. At MAZAJ, we believe that we can use the best in us as a team, complement each other, and create real value.

Sense of caring
You are never alone with us because we work together. At MAZAJ, we support and learn from each other. You will have the opportunity to systematically develop your knowledge and competencies to be up to date with the latest trends and news from the industry.

At MAZAJ, we value clear procedures and applied methodologies as they ensure full transparency of our activities. The well-organized work will give both you and our clients the confidence that, as a team, we will provide high-quality solutions within the budget and time we have committed to.