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🤓 IT Recruiter

4 000 - 6 000 PLN brutto

🌍 OpsTalent | Ślężna 132, Wrocław


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Recruitment is tough. It can make you feel frustrated, powerless and that you don't have an impact.

Does it sound familiar?

We, recruiters, spend most of our time trying to make the hiring manager/business/candidate machine work seamlessly. Our power is limited, yet expectations are high. Add to that some weird KPIs and we might find ourselves slightly lost.
We are not claiming to have completely cracked these challenges here @ Opstalent - but we did come up with a few ideas. The most important is: we don't pretend these issues don't exist and we hope our new IT recruiter will bring a fresh view and help us improve in those areas. Yes, sourcing and interviewing are part of the job as well, but that's pretty obvious :)

A few reasons why we think you will enjoy this role:

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