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🤓 HR Generalist

6 500 - 10 500 PLN netto

🌍 Piwik PRO | św. Antoniego 2/4, Wrocław


#recruitment, #EB, #IT

We’re looking for someone with a true passion for HR, great intuition for its soft side and with a personal approach that helps bring people together over common initiatives. As for recruitment, we put quality over quantity, aiming at great specialists who’d complete our teams in terms of competencies and commitment. We put an emphasis on an excellent candidate experience and a welcoming and unique atmosphere in the company. We befriended Traffit (ATS), Slack & Atlassian and take advantage of standard office software that allows us to take a closer look at data, then draw meaningful conclusions. We believe that open discussions lead to the brightest ideas. And above all, we simply like each other and other people :)
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