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🤓 Administration Specialist

4 000 - 7 000 PLN netto

🌍 Ragnarson | Targowa 35, Łódź


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Administration is one of the departments at many companies that is underappreciated. 

When everything works great, nobody remembers about it. 

When there is one small mistake made, everyone complains.

Without administration, however, the company wouldn’t be able to function. It’s like blood in our veins.

We understand this dynamic and we know that someone needs to look after it on a daily basis.

To be successful at this position, you need to have insight into all aspects of the operations of the company.

At Ragnarson, we strongly believe in transparency and authority over designated responsibilities. Because of this, we provide access to all company data to help you do your best.

Apart from that, you need various tools. Many of them we create in-house. You will be getting help from an experienced spreadsheet specialist who is ready to share his expertise.

Check out our challenges and requirements and apply below.

Challenges to tackle:

What do we expect:

What do you get by joining us?
Ragnarson was founded in 2006 as a web development agency. In 2019, we started investing in early-stage impact-driven startups. We act as a software agency and angel investor, investing and co-creating products with founders.

Our focus on projects fighting climate change and socio-economic inequalities is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We count and rely on mature individuals with broad interests. They get access to all crucial information within the company, and based on it, they make important decisions. As an example, the team sets their own salaries twice a year.

If operational excellence is close to your heart, you will have a great chance to look after the entire administrative work at Ragnarson. With the support of modern tools, an experienced specialist, and access to all company data, you would be able to develop your skills and learn about IT and startups. Ragnarson offers a great place to give you the right push.

We also offer:

Get to know us in our recruitment process:
I stage - introductory call with our recruitment team
II stage - a recruitment task checking relevant skills; we always provide comprehensive feedback whether the candidate remains in our process or not
III stage - 1-on-1 conversations with various people from the team - cultural fit