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🤓 Head of People

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🌍 Revolve Healthcare | Porcelanowa 19, Katowice


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Hi, we’re Revolve – a growing software house based in Katowice, Poland

Our amazing developers specialize in JavaScript and Python-related technologies. We build and deliver custom software solutions for clients from around the globe

We’ve been on the market since 2016 and we’ve worked with clients such as Dr.Max (Poland), Orikami (Netherlands), or Smart4Diagnostics (Germany). Our long-term goal is to become one of the best software development companies in the healthcare industry – that includes pharma, biotech, life science, and more. The products and software we work on have a real influence on people’s lives. In our work, we believe in mutual trust, self-development, and transparency.

We’re a people-first company – and we don’t just say that, we actually mean it. Revolve’s culture is defined by the people who work here. Each one of us is kind of weird in his or her own way, and we love it that way. It makes us unique. We enjoy each other’s company a lot, but we also understand when someone doesn’t want to be distracted. We respect deep work and personal space.

Come and meet us (virtually or in our office) to find out more!


Most of our projects involve several people working directly with clients. In our daily work, we use Agile methodologies with well-known tools like Slack, Jira, Git, etc. 

Our developers work as full-stacks in modern technologies of our (and their) choice. Good development practices, like code review, are essential, and we use them in everyday work. We are pragmatic, so each decision can be changed based on good argumentation. We don’t dictate, we collaborate.

We love spending time together in our office in Katowice, but we also allow remote work when necessary. Our preferred working model is a hybrid one: 2-3 days from the office and 2-3 days from home.

The team is 100% Polish at the moment, but most of our clients are from abroad, so we communicate in English with them.


We’re looking for someone who will help us grow from 27 to 100 great team members in 5 years. It’s a big challenge that we don’t take lightly, and neither should you. There will be a lot of hard work along the way, some of it very much down-to-earth and possibly boring, some just OK, but most super exciting. That’s why we’re looking for someone who feels excited about joining us now and growing with us over the next years or even decades.

There are some criteria we have in mind for this position, but feel free to convince us that you’re the ideal candidate even if you can’t check all of the boxes quite yet! Keep in mind that this role will develop and change as our company grows. The tasks you’ll be responsible for in the beginning won’t be the same ones you’ll be doing a year from now. 

We’re not looking for “just an HR Manager”, “just a recruiter,” or “just a Happiness Officer”. We’re looking for someone who will combine all of these roles and then some, defining and designing what being the Head of People means at every stage of our company’s development.

Having said that, here are things we’re expecting a person in this role to do:

So, it’s definitely good if you:

It’s extra nice if you also:


You will be teaming up with open-minded, empathetic people who are great to work with and want to learn from each other. Your presence in a team will have a significant impact on Revolve’s development and future shape. If all works out, you will become the single most important person in People Operations, joining our co-CEOs at the executive level.

On a more material level, we offer a competitive salary, modern working conditions (flexible work hours, benefits, learning & development opportunities, and more), and all the equipment you need to do your job well. And we seriously do use that foosball table we have at the office a lot! We love plants and pets too – you’ll probably see a lot of that at the office. 


Not sure if this job is for you? Feel free to drop Anna an email and she’ll be happy to talk with you anyway :).