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🤓 IT Recruiter

5 000 - 8 000 PLN brutto

🌍 Sigma IT Poland | Centrum, Katowice



Sigma IT Poland is a division within DANIR AB – a fast-growing IT consulting and R&D company. We turn Swedish and Polish passion for technology and entrepreneurship into a better tomorrow for our employees, customers, and the world around us. We digitize within music, Smart Home, Telecom, Welfare, Healthcare, Automotive industries. We love the atmosphere of a family business with its flat structure and self-organized teams where every opinion matters and influences our way of working.    
Role and responsibilities: 
We are looking for an experienced IT Recruiter who will join the Sigma IT in-house HR Team in Wrocław. You will be responsible for the end-to-end recruitment process and you will make an impact by attracting and hiring the best engineers on the market. You will cooperate with our recruitment team (4 fantastic personalities!), programmers and delivery managers. You will work on a variety of recruitment profiles, implement your ideas and be the guardian of the high-level candidate experience and communication. We count on your creativity while achieving your goals. With us, you will not only witness but build a great foundation for your development. If your biggest strength is the “impossible is nothing” approach, join us!
Moreover, we appreciate skills in these areas:  
By joining us, you gain: 
Agnieszka - Recruitment Team Leader and recruiter with over 7 years of experience, for almost 5 years associated with the IT industry, talent sourcer, and HR lover. In her job, what she enjoys the most is working with people, creating good relationships based on mutual trust, and striving for common goals. In her spare time, she runs, swims, climbs, and plays board games.
Ania – IT Recruiter with  years of experience. In order to better understand the IT world, she is in the process of completing her master's degree as an IT PM. Ania is a pets lover, so in her free time, she is a volunteer in the shelter. Also interested in photography and making candles.
Sara – IT Recruiter with over 5 years of experience. Privately, a writer, author of three novels, climbing enthusiast. In her free time, she runs or climbs rocks. She loves talking to people and listening to them, which is why she enjoys her job very much.
Krzysztof - Senior IT Recruiter with 3 years of experience in IT recruitment with working experience in project management and website editing. He really likes traveling, but nowadays it's almost impossible. Modern problems require modern solutions, so fishing and winemaking are also good hobbies.
Mateusz - Always eager to chat and help with finding a perfect match between talented candidates and top companies. In his career, he's done many things but everything with people on his mind and recruitment is what he likes the most. He's into science, cinema, and his fish tank - don't ever ask him to show it, unless you want to be spammed with pictures of the aquarium 🙂 

What does the recruitment process look like?
If your CV is in line with our expectations, anticipate the following:

1. Phone call from our Recruitment Team.
2. Video call with Chief People Officer and Recruitment Lead.
3. Finally, you can expect an offer or a call with feedback thanking you for participating in the recruitment process.